Alcohol enemas?

Hello Alice,

I have been living an "alternative" lifestyle for many years now which leads to a lot of well...alternative situations. I have read about enemas consisting of things like champagne being used and it helps to make a person drunk faster. I do not think it would affect a person and I think the alcohol would probably lead to major discomfort or burning, even low proof stuff like champagne. I thought I should ask and see what you know before trying it.


Dear PuppyGurl,

An alcohol enema occurs when alcohol is poured (usually via a tube) into the rectum. Since the primary job of the intestines is to absorb nutrients into the body, if you put alcohol directly into your colon, it will be absorbed much more rapidly than it would be if it entered your body orally. Alcohol enemas also allow you to bypass the liver (where 90 percent of alcohol is filtered and metabolized) and subsequently allow alcohol of a higher concentration into the bloodstream at a quicker rate. This process can make you very drunk, very quickly. However, since everyone's body is different, and the alcohol isn’t going through the same absorption process as when it’s taken orally, it's hard to judge how much or how quickly an alcohol enema would affect any one person.

That being said, it should be noted that doing this has the potential to be dangerous or even deadly if you use too much alcohol or keep it inside for too long. Once alcohol enters your bloodstream, you can't get it back out. Alcohol poisoning can result from alcohol entering the body both orally or anally. Cases of colitis have also been linked to alcohol enemas as the alcohol can irritate and inflame your intestines, sometimes causing cramping, bleeding of the anus, redness, or melena (dark stool caused by digested blood). There have even been two reported cases of death from absorbing alcohol via the rectum. You're correct in your hypothesis that alcohol enemas may lead to “major discomfort or burning”: both anal pain and burning sensations in the lower intestines are frequently reported. It’s also possible that the bubbles and cold temperature of champagne in particular may be uncomfortable if used as an enema.

It’s also worth noting that the anus has a lot of nerve endings, so some people find it stimulating to insert things such as dildos or give themselves enemas with different substances as part of sex. People have used enemas for centuries (mostly just water) in many different cultures for ritual or cleansing purposes. However, as the saying goes, there can be too much of a good thing. Frequent enema use can actually lead to constipation, so "all things in moderation" is probably a good policy.

It may be helpful to consider why you’re interested in using an alcohol enema. Are you looking for alternate ways of getting intoxicated? Why are alcohol enemas in particular appealing? What is the appeal of being intoxicated or using alcohol? Have you used an enema of any type before? If you have, what was your experience? Thinking through these questions may help you figure out what steps you'd like to take next and how you can make the decisions that most align with your goals. If you do decide to insert, start very slowly, with small amounts of alcohol. Alcohol can impact decision-making, so you may want to think about how to plan for safety, especially if you could potentially engage in anal sex. Complications and harm to the anus, rectum, and colon are all possibilities if the enema is performed without care, so paying close attention to the signs your body gives you will help you to reduce your risk. 

Last updated Jan 13, 2023
Originally published May 12, 2006

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