Get Alice! on Your Website

Want Go Ask Alice! displayed on your site? Now, you can get the newly posted and updated question and answer titles on your website automatically each week for no cost.

With this feature, your site visitors can click on a question title and be directly and anonymously linked to that Q&A. You'll also get a link to the Go Ask Alice! home page via the clickable logo. Check out an example of Get an Alice! Box on Your Website on the Columbia Health website.

Go Ask Alice!'s goal is to make accurate, reliable, culturally competent health information more accessible. With thousands of sites already linking to us, we wanted to make access to the new and updated content even easier; plus this adds unique and regularly updated content to your site while addressing the health information and resource needs of your site visitors.

After submitting your request via the form below, a team member will evaluate the request and respond. If approved, we will issue a no-cost letter of agreement. Once the letter is signed and returned, the code needed to integrate the box into your site will be provided.

Please note that Alice! Health Promotion and Columbia University will have sole discretion to approve requests for Get an Alice! Box on Your Website. No website is guaranteed to be granted the code and permission. At this time this feature is only available to other College, University, and non-profit health-related organizations. If you are unsure if your site will be approved, please complete the form and a representative will respond at the earliest opportunity.

** Please note that health questions submitted via this form will not be considered for answering and publication on the site. Please submit all health questions via the Ask Alice! page.


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